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Name: Deanna
Age: 18
Location: canada
FAVORITES: cuddling, cute girly stuff, pinnnnnnk (the color), dragons, faeries, magick, books, flowers, shoes and handbags (i have a bag fetish)
Movies: Fight club, what dreams may come, mean girls (did i really have to say it?), the heathers, thirteen
Music bands, artists:destiny's child, nelly, blink 182, green day, gob, billy talent
Songs: standing in the rain, lies, trust, rock show etc.

Books:fight club, lullaby, survivor, invisible monsters,
Favorite character in Mean GIrls: Cady when she was a plastic or Regina

This is THE BURN BOOK..i name a person, and you have to say something mean about that person:
Avril Lavine: Fashion police omg come and take this little reject bitch away
Christina Aguilera: you used to be thin and pretty, now you're fat, skanky and ugly. EEEW!
Hilary Duff: I really wish this little prissy goody goody would pull the stick out of her ass and stop acting like her shit doesn't stink.
Michael Jackson: Ok the man has no nose, he is a sideshow freak who should be steralized and locked away
Jennifer Lopez:Plain and simple this chick is a gold digging, bimbo, slutty, skanky whore who's ass you could probably pop with a sewing needle

Why do you want to join the_mean_gurls community?? Because i'm a bitch. i will never hesitate to tell someone when they are less than perfect. Stupid people piss me off.

Post at least one picture of you, if you can't post a picture, describe yourself as best as you can.

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