the taste of sweet victory (baby_gurl_11929) wrote in the_mean_gurls,
the taste of sweet victory

Name: Alexis but i like being called allie
Age: 15
Location:Maryland but moveing to florida
FAVORITES: Cheerleading, soccer, vollebally (anything with being active)
Movies:Grease, The mean girls,Confessions of a teenage drama queen, the whole ten yards(dont ask me why i like it i just do), The notebook
Music bands, artists:Ashlee simpson, Jessica simpson, Brittany spears
Songs:Lala, Angels,Pieces of me
Books:The notebook
Favorite character in Mean GIrls: Regina and Cady

This is THE BURN BOOK..i name a person, and you have to say something mean about that person (I will be looking at this the most to see if you are really a MEAN GIRL, so make it good).:
Avril Lavine: Ew im sorry but who wears i effing tie to a awards show i mean for real i just plain out think she should get a life
Christina aguliara: Shes pretty and everything but eww the make up and the hair is just way to much
Hilary Duff:I like her and everything but Please She acts like a goodie goodie all the time and she and she totally cant sing
Michael Jackson: I have nothing bad to sa about him weather its the burn book or not i just thing he made bad desicions
Jennifer Lopez: I hate her everyone loved her but i dont know what happend but she totally isnt cool anymore noone even likes her

Why do you want to join the_mean_gurls community??Because i loved the mean girls and i think the idea of a mean girls communitie is just fun

Post at least one picture of you, if you can't post a picture, describe yourself as best as you can. i have blonde hair ,green eyes and im really tall im skinny
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