simple plan is for lovers♥ (il0vesimpleplan) wrote in the_mean_gurls,
simple plan is for lovers♥

you cant sit with us!!

Name: Gina
Age: 14
Location: Long Island ,New york
Movies: spiderman 1&2,Meangirls, the new guyMusic bands, artists: simple plan, ashlee simpson,yellowcard, blink182,dashboard confessional,senses fail
Songs: pieces of me-ashlee simpson, & vindicated-dashboard
Books:the georgia nicolson series
Favorite character in Mean GIrls:
gretchen wieners & regina george

This is THE BURN BOOK..i name a person, and you have to say something mean about that person:
Avril Lavigne:
what sane girl wears ties? especially with take tops? and she wears too much eyeliner she looks like a hooker
Christina Aguilera:
i swear she sold her soul to the devil or soemthing. she scares me.
Hilary Duff:
is a fake.yea shes a good role model but she is worse then karen with the blondeness. hilary is a digitally re-mastered enhanced fake bullshit artist
Michael Jackson:
dont get me started..why hasent he commited suicide yet?
Jennifer Lopez:
who insures their butt? she can knock someone out with it.

Why do you want to join the_mean_gurls community?? because i am a MEAN GIRL im a BITCH and i adore the movie. plus everyone wants to be a mean girl and communities like this are a good place to be one.

Post at least one picture of you, if you can't post a picture, describe yourself as best as you can.

i am 5'3" i have light brown hair and natural blonde highlights. my eye are green and i have medium-light italian irish german & french-canadian. i have a good amount of freckles and i huge smile.

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No, you don't have a picture, you're probably nasty.

Your burn book sucked some major ass.

<33 My vedict: HELL NO
I know Hilary duff...and I dont tlike her....but she's not fake...I vote no...srry...but maybe if u had a pic? better burn book stuff too
you took it a little too far. i understand but the frigging application said you can discribe yourself so i did, you shouldnt be bitching. and since you were in SUCH a bitchy mood you said im probably nasty? jeez what crawled uyp your ass and died? did you ever stop to think your not world judge? please go bitch to someone who cares.
and the burn book was supposed to be my opinion. not what you would say.

and its veRdict. =] have a nice day
Sorry, typo. I think you should go away and go listen to Simple Plan! Because, we don't want you here.

My verdict: Go fuck yourself.

Mm, thanks, great, have an awesome day!
wow, im soo sorry your a bitch! maybe you should see someone about that. and simple plan rocks. whether you choose to accept it or not. im sorry you have your little head stuck in the clouds. maybe you should get a life. have an INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE day!! and i read other peoples applications and you seem to be a bitch to everyone! wow spread the bitching love! haha you make me laugh!
your burn book wasn't that good. Right now, I say no, but I need more votes....
I say yes....she's least she described her self...and gave her own opinion...
sure, you areACCEPTED
dont forget to VOTE and PROMOTE...
thank you!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333


July 8 2004, 07:04:44 UTC 13 years ago

why the fuck is she accepted?
she bitched to everyone
and then acts nice later on

what the fuck is wrong with you fucking people?

if your a mod why arent you posting under your username???

i didnt bitch to anyone. your the one bitching..
I'm the mod, and I didn't write that...why would i accept you then comment asking why you should be accepted...