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Name: Marlee
Age: 15
Location: Hollywood

Movies: Mean Girls, Thirteen, Grind, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Love Actually
Music bands, artists: No Doubt, Hoobastank, Ludacris, Chingy, Usher
Songs: Don’t Speak (No Doubt), California (Phantom Planet), Meant to Live (Switchfoot), Tiny Dancer (Elton John), U Got It Bad (Usher)
Books: Royally Jacked, A Walk to Remember, The Catcher and The Rye, Romeo And Juliet
Favorite character in Mean Girls: Gretchen

This is THE BURN BOOK. I name a person, and you have to say something mean about that person

Avril Lavine: Okay well first of all I do have to say her songs aren’t bad but that’s besides the point….she wears way too much makeup around her eyes. Okay you want to emphasize your eyes but not that much, she looks like a hooker or something of that sort. Second when ever she is in public she looks exactly the same, same hair same clothes nothing ever changes! Plus she doesn’t know how to act in public show some manners sweetie people don’t want to see you burp. I mean when you go to the Grammies and least try to look like u care!

Christina Aguilera: Wow I used to love her and as I got old she started to scare me more and more! Jeez I mean she’s all like I want to be an individual not some pop princess, so instead she comes out looking like some ho bag/slut. She says she doesn’t want to have little kids as fans…well guess what where do you think the money comes from those little kids! Jeez! I mean sorry but I personally don’t want to see her ass crack every time she goes out in public.

Hilary Duff: Hilary really is so yesterday…okay sorry I had to get that out! Hilary is well she is just some blonde chick who thinks she is the shit. She likes to cause drama. I mean trying to kick Lindsay out of your premiere just because you don’t like her?! Wow, that’s sad! Her songs are fake, and there are all about the same things…She is too cutesy…like a goody two shoes… sorry but no one likes a goody two shoes sweetie! So get over yourself and stop trying to be punk, and thinking everyone likes you because they don’t! Go back to Disney where you belong!

Michael Jackson: OMG! He is one of the scariest man/woman alive! I mean come one who says “I have never had one nose surgery before!” What a load of crap! I mean is nose is like falling off soon he won’t have a nose. It’s also pretty sick that he is molesting little boys. Those poor boys are now scared for life. Then he goes and says he hasn’t done anything wrong?! My ass you haven’t! In the end Wako (sp) Jacko is just a fucked up man who is very lonely and so he fucks little boys which is really sad…but he really needs to do something right for once…besides his music everything about his sucks ass!

Jennifer Lopez: J-Ho is more like it! I mean first of all she is a HORRIBLE actress, and she insured her fucking ass?! Umm okay not many people do that! Then you marry like every guy in Hollywood! Is she that desperate to get attention and the press to put those poor guys threw hell and then empty their wallets so she can have all these lavish gifts? What the hell is wrong with you? I especially feel for bad she emptied him the most! The sad part is that if you combined her relationships with her first Hubby, Chris Judd, Ben and Marc, you would come out with the same amount of time she was with P-Diddy, I think she was meant for him, they were together the longest! How sad she really needs to decides what she wants no one takes her seriously anymore

Why do you want to join the_mean_gurls community??

I want to join this community because I think I am a mean girl at heart. I loved the movie a lot and I want to join a community with others who liked the movie as much as I did! That is why I want to join

Post at least one picture of you, if you can't post a picture, describe yourself as best as you can.

Me and my homie iris

I am on the left

Me and My daddy b4 the Emmy's

I am on the one with my flower in my hair

Me with my glasses eww lol

Okay well thats it! I Hope I get in here

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